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How To Track Keywords Like A Boss

Tracking keywords is not hard task to do if you have the right tools that will help you to analyze and track your keywords. Well actually if you have website that is targetting only for one keyword, then this article will be not probably for you, but if you have some websites that are targetting 100 keywords and even more, then you should read this article carefully, because I will explain how I am tracking my keywords like a boss.

First thing that you should do and consider is choosing the right tracking service, I personally choosed Microsite Masters, because it has free version and compare to other services, this service isn’t so expensive at all. But if you want to use another service, then it is okay anyway. So if you want to use Microsite Masters as I do, you can easily register your free account right here.

Tracking Keywords Like A Boss Is Very Simple

Well before we will get started, I should recommend you to check my Microsite Masters review if you want more detailed information about this service or if you have any questions related to this service, then there you will find all answers that you want. So there is my honest Microsite Masters review.

how to track keywords like a boss pricing

Above you will see pricing table of Microsite Masters, first we will choose the free version (later you can anytime upgrade if you want, but now lets work with free version). At your dashboard you will column “add new project” so there you will type name of your project, for the first time you can for example write just test or something like that. Then you will have to type your website name and your url of your website.

If you have subdomains, I really recommend you to write full url of subdomain homepage and not just top domain. After you will insert your websites, then you can add your keywords that you want to track. If you have free version, you can track only 10 keywords at the same time. So insert your keywords and select country that you want to track keywords for. I recommend you to leave it on “United States”.

how to track keywords like a boss keywords

More Tips & Tricks How To Track Keywords

Well as you may know..with free version you can track up to 10 keywords at the same time and if you want to track more keywords, you have to upgrade (honestly I have upgraded accounts and I am paying 50 dollars per month), but if you have low budget you can easily use proxies to crete multiple free accounts and then track your keywords this way.

Personally I like more having all keywords at the same place and it’s not so time consuming, but if you have low budget and you want to save some bucks, this is the way how you can do it for free. Use it also on your security, because all your accounts may be deleted this way.

Bring Tracking Keywords To Another Level

What if you could also spy on your competition and also track their progress and keywords and use it for your advantage ? You can do it with Keyword Spy for free..I strongly recommend you to try their free version of account and see how it can really help you.

It will also help you to choose the right keywords for your online business, so then it will be easier to actually rank for these keywords and tracking keywords will be really simple task.

If you want to know more detailed information about Keyword Spy, make sure that you will check my honest keyword spy review in my review section. Also if you have any comments or if you want to share your thoughts, make sure that you will check comments area below.

Free Keyword Tracking – Track Your Keywords Without Large Budget

Well if you are looking for free keyword tracking software or service, then you did great job that you found this article where you will find everything how you can use paid service for free. So you will get premium features that you deserve for free, so where we will get started ?

First you need to know how many keywords you want to track, you will need probably 1 proxy per 10 proxies that you want to track (it can be even public proxy server that you will find on google within a few seconds). So make sure that you will prepare all your proxies before we will get started, then you will need Microsite Masters account that you will recieve for free.

Free Keyword Tracking – It is really free ?

So you will need proxies, Microsite Masters account and some time .. again if you don’t have your Microsite Masters account, you can create it for free here. Then when you will create your account, make sure that you will select free account (as you can see on the screenshot below).

how to track keywords like a boss pricing

Also if you need some detailed information about Microsite Masters, how it works, informations about premium packages and my honest opinion, then make sure that you will check my honest Microsite Masters review – Microsite Masters Review. Or you can also leave a comment below this article and I will try to answer all your questions.

Let’s Make It Free & Unlimited

Basically if you register Microsite Masters free account, you can have only 10 keywords at the same time. But of course we have more keywords that we want to track, so what we can do about it ? Yes, now we will be using proxies to create these another Microsite Masters accounts. So make sure that you will create enough Microsite Masters accounts, make sure that you will change your proxy server and delete caches.

This way you will avoid being detected and probably banned. Also make sure that you will switch your browser each time you will create your account or each time you login with different account. I think that there is some firefox or even google chrome extensions for this job, so search for it.

More About Microsite Masters

So when you create your free account, then on your dashboard you have to create new project, then you will be redirect to the new window where you will enter your domain and name of domain. Make sure that you will type your url correctly.

Once you will do this job, you can easily add your keywords and it will automatically start tracking your keywords. It will update your rankings once per day and you can also recieve rankings notification into your email box.

Also be very careful with creating your accounts, don’t forget to delete your cache once you create new account. If you will follow all my steps, you can easily enjoy free keyword tracking service with premium features. But honestly I have upgraded Microsite Masters account (I am paying 50 dollars per month), because it is worth it to have all keywords together with additional features.

How To Index Backlinks – Indexing Backlinks Is Now Even Easier

As you may know backlinks not indexed are simply a waste of your time and your valuable sources. Imagine situation that you will run some SEO software such as GSA SER for example 24 hours a day and you will make 1 000 high quality backlinks and at the end only 50% will be indexed, so you will 500 high quality backlinks.

Another situation – you will order for example 10000 forum profiles on high PR forums, but at the end only 20% will be indexed – such a waste isn’t it ? So what you can do actually about it ? Well I write this guide as I am using these tools to get maximum from my SEO campaigns and as I see my results I think that I am doing my job really great. So there it is.

Indexing backlinks step by step ..

Before I will show you my indexing blueprint you should know facts that now pinging your backlinks together with sitemaps and feeds will not help you anymore. Best strategy jndeed is creating backlinks to your backlinks and so on, but for this you need a large budget and not everybody can actually afford it, so there is my better solution for you and your business.

  • Indexification

    Well, first tool that I am using is called indexification – just for 18 dollars per month I am able to submit 1 500 000 backlinks (per month), but since admin is very friendly you can easily increase this number (more on my screenshot below).

    indexing backlinks

    With indexification you will increase your indexing rate by 50% and more, also this is one of “must have” tool for every internet marketer that is serious about linkbuilding. More information about indexification in my honest review.

    >> Indexification Review

  • GSA SEO Indexer

    This is another great product from GSA guys – as you may know GSA Search Engine Ranker is one of the best SEO tools avaible, so now you may know that this is another awesome tool for your internet marketing business. You will just load your backlinks list (or this software also work automatically with best seo tools avaible, so you don’t have to do anything).

    GSA Indexer

    Basically this tool will create another backlinks to your backlinks in almost no time. Also there is no monthly recurring payments, just one time purchase for about 20 dollars. Very great deal in my opinion.

    Below is link where you can easily download GSA Indexer for free and then you can decide if you want to purchase this software or not. But I think that it is worth that price.

    >> Free GSA Indexer

  • Backlinks Indexer

    If you have some high quality or important backlinks and if you need 100% indexing rate, then Backlinks Indexer is one of the best indexing service that you will ever find. But compare to Indexification this service is really expensive. I recommend use this for high quality backlinks that you want or for your seo clients (if you have any).

    backlinks indexer

    This service is building high quality backlinks to your backlinks, so you will get really great tierlinkbuilding to your money site. For 100 dollars per month you can submit up to 15.000 urls and they will create for you 200.000 high quality backlinks from web 2.0 sources and so on.

    If you want to find out more about Backlinks Indexer, I have to suggest you to read my honest Backlinks Indexer review. There you will find more detailed information that will help you to understand how this service exactly works and how it can help you.

    >> Backlinks Indexer Review

  • Socialmonkee // Cheap Social Bookmarks

    As I already told you, creating backlinks to your backlinks is maybe the best way how to index your backlinks (almost 100% guarantee) and great way how to do it is outsource cheap social bookmarks. It really doesn’t matter if you are using Socialmonkee or if you have another social bookmarks providers, but I am happy with socialmonkee results.


    Just for 7 dollars (just one time payment) you will recieve 25 backlinks every day – of course you can upgrade it and then scale it as you want. If you want to learn more about Socialmonkee, I have to suggest you to check my socialmonkee review where you will get detailed information about this service.

    >> Socialmonkee Review

A few tips that you should know ..

Honestly currently I am using indexification and GSA Indexer – I am recieving very great results with these tools, so in other words I don’t use backlinks indexer so much (only for my clients that need pure white hat and powerful seo strategies). Also I recommend you to create specially contextual backlinks, indexing rate will rapidly increase if you stop doing forum profiles (yes, they still work after xx google updates).

Also keep in mind that you should keep balance between nofollow and dofollow backlinks, if you will have a lot of nofollow or dofollow backlinks it will raise red flag and you really don’t want that (but if you have high authority site, you can do whatever you want). Also if you have another linkbuilding and indexing tips or tricks, share them in comments area below for other visitors.