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Unique Seo Tools List

In this blog post I will try to help you with your business with my unique seo tools list that may help you to skyrocket your business and your online presentation. As you may know through search engines come best converting traffic, so it’s really great to invest money and actually time to optimize your website and business plan to take advantage of organic traffic.

I will try to list all SEO tools that I am using right now, if you have any questions related to these SEO tools or if you want to ask me anything how I am using these tools, please feel free to leave a comment below this article and I will respond as fast as I can.

My SEO Tools List That I Am Using

In this section I will list all SEO tools that are helping me to run successful online business and it’s really necessary to have these or similiar tools in your arsenal.

If you want to skip this part and go directly to my SEO Tools list where I am talking about automated linkbuilding.

  • SEOPressor

    SEOPressor is my favorite wordpress SEO plugin, so now you may know that this plugin is only for wordpress based users, but it is one of the best seo tools that you can get for your business. Really recommended for your business and for your clients.

    It will help you with social SEO (Facebook shares, twitter retweets etc..), it will analyze and then help you with on-page SEO and also it is very updated.

    For more detailed informations about SEOPressor, make sure that you will read SEOPressor review – link is below.

    SEOPressor Review

  • Keyword Spy

    Choosing the right keywords is the key to success in online business, so if you want to be sure that you are putting effort into right thing, make sure that you are using Keyword Spy for this. It will also help you to research your competition and it will reveal what kind of keywords they are targetting and what you have to do to outrank them.

    In other words Keyword Spy is very powerful tool that has its place in this SEO Tools list. It has also free trial, so you can try it before you will make your decision.

    For more detailed informations about Keyword Spy, make sure that you will read Keyword Spy review – link is below.

    Keyword Spy Review

  • Indexification

    Backlinks not indexed are simply a waste, so you have to make sure that your backlinks will be indexed. Indexification is the cheapest and high quality indexing service that will support your linkbuilding campaigns for sure. Just for 18 dollars per month you are able to index 50 000 backlinks per day.

    For more detailed informations about Indexification, make sure that you will read Indexification review – link is below.

    Indexification Review

  • Backlinks Indexer

    Backlinks Indexer is really similiar to Indexification, but it is a little bit more expensive. Backlinks Indexer will index your backlinks plus it will make backlinks to your backlinks, so your linkbuilding campaigns will be stronger.

    If you have really strong tier 1 in tier linkbuilding, I actually recommend you this service.

    For more detailed informations about Backlinks Indexer, make sure that you will read Backlinks Indexer review – link is below.

    Backlinks Indexer Review

  • Microsite Masters

    Knowing your position in serp (positions in search engines) is really great key to have successful online business, with this can help you Microsite Masters, which is best keyword tracking service. Also you can try it with a few keywords for free. I strongly recommend you to try their free version.

    It has real time tracking with very powerful features that you will discover in my review, anyway it is beginner friendly also.

    For more detailed informations about Microsite Masters, make sure that you will read Microsite Masters review – link is below.

    Microsite Masters Review

  • WordAI

    If you are doing huge linkbuilding campaigns or if you want human readable spinning articles, then WordAI is best solution for you. With single click you can easily create for example 100 human readable articles that you can easily sell or use on your websites. Very powerful tool with reasonable price.

    Also if you are doing blackhat SEO with some softwares, you really need this tool in order to prevent being penalized by Google.

    For more detailed informations about WordAI, make sure that you will read WordAI review – link is below.

    WordAI Review

SEO Tools List For Linkbuilding

SEO Tools that I mentioned above very powerful for your business, but if we are talking about SEO then we forget the most important part of search engine optimization – off page SEO. In other words linkbuilding is the another key to have successful online presentation. So there is my linkbuilding search engine optimization list that you don’t want to miss.

  • Magic Submitter

    Magic Submitter is really powerful SEO tool that you need to have in your arsenal – it can create for you contextual backlinks, it can also make backlinks through commenting and making profiles on forums, social networks, social bookmarks sites, web 2.0 sites, article directories and much more.

    Together with Magic Submitter and WordAI you are able to create very high quality backlinks that will help you to outrank your competition. So it must have its place in my seo tools list.

    For more detailed informations about Magic Submitter, make sure that you will read Magic Submitter review – link is below.

    Magic Submitter Review

  • Socialmonkee

    Socialmonkee is social bookmark service with only one time fee (7 dollars) and then you will recieve 25 backlinks every day from social networks and social bookmarks sites. Just one time fee and every day guarantee backlinks, I think that is really powerful deal. Of course you can anytime upgrade for more backlinks per day.

    In other words Socialmonkee really deserves its place in this “unique seo tools list”. It has also very powerful upgrades that will also skyrocket your linkbuilding campaigns.

    For more detailed informations about Socialmonkee, make sure that you will read Socialmonkee review – link is below.

    Socialmonkee Review

  • Backlinks Kingdom

    Backlinks Kingdom works the same way as Socialmonkee does. Backlinks Kingdom will help you to create x contextual backlinks per day (x – it depends on your membership, but it’s pretty cheap actually) from article directories, web 2.0 sites and from other directories. Admin of Socialmonkee is also admin of Backlinks Kingdom, that’s the reason why is this service also so popular.

    For more detailed informations about Backlinks Kingdom, make sure that you will read Backlinks Kingdom review – link is below.

    Backlinks Kingdom Review

The Most Important Tool(s) In Your Arsenal ..

You can have the best SEO tools in the game, but what if you don’t know how to actually make profit using these tools or a lot of people just don’t know how to make successful business online. Well for that case it is really important to get the right coaching and it may be even better if you don’t have to pay for that, right ?

  • Bring The Fresh

    Just for 7 dollars you will recieve access to their private internet marketing forum with huge database of active users. So in other words you will recieve all fresh informations, tactics and tips from SEO world. Then you will also recieve SEO training and how to actually make money online with that way. Also this program helped me to get started.

    That is the reason why Bring The Fresh deserves its place in this search engine optimization tools list.

    For more detailed informations about Bring The Fresh, make sure that you will read Bring The Fresh review – link is below.

    Bring The Fresh Review

If you have any tips or tricks for other visitors, please leave a comment below this article and share your thoughts. Or if you want to add some important SEO tool into this list, also feel free to contact me anytime.