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Fresh Clickbank Products List

Recently I was scraping Clickbank products list directly from the Clickbank marketplace, but it’s important that there isn’t tool or bot for this job, so I had to do it by hand. Only software that can do similiar job is CBpress – if you are interested in CBPress, you can check my honest CBPress review. Basically it’s wordpress plugin that will help you to create your own Clickbank store with all Clickbank products within a few minutes.

But hey we want our Clickbank products list, right ? I know your time is valuable, so you can easily skip this boring part and you can download my Clickbank products list below. Honestly it’s really huge list and if you are smart enough, you can sell it easily on warriorforum (or on other forums – check my money making forums list for more ideas).

How you can use this Clickbank Products List ?

Well, there are a lot of possibilities – for example keyword research. It’s more easier to run successful Clickbank campaigns if you have products with little or without any competition at all. So you can use this clickbank products list to find low competition products.

But that’s not all. Another possibility is to (re)sell this list to other people and yes I am completely fine with this. If you do so, please at least put backlink to my website as thank you. Another possibility is to add this list as bonus to your own product.

If you have your own product, then you have to know that people are hungry for bonuses, so you can add this list as bonus to your main product. Well there are a lot of other possibilities how you can monetize or use this list, but this post isn’t about using this list – it’s about downloading, so now it’s time to download your Clickbank products list.

Download Clickbank Products List

As you can see I locked my download link with social content locker – what that means ? You have to easily like, share or tweet this page to unlock this page. It’s the only way how you can thank you me for sharing this list. If you don’t want to share or like this page, easily contact me and I will send you my Clickbank products list without this “hard” effort.

If you have any trouble with downloading this Clickbank products list, please let me know and I will reward you with my other free lists.

Here is your download link
Please keep in mind that this download link is locked with surveys, so in order to use this list you have to complete fast and short survey.

I hope that you are satisfied with freebies and if so, please add me on Facebook or on Twitter to recieve all freebies instantly when I publish them. Anyway if you have any questions, please leave a comment below this article and I will try to help you.

A Few Tips That You Should Consider

Being familiar with Clickbank it’s not so easy as it may looks like, true fact is that almost everyone will fail with money making at Clickbank marketplace except a few marketers. You can try to make money on your own way or you can learn from others experiences and with professional coaching. I have to recommend you to try bring the fresh program or google sniper program.

If you want to learn more about this programs, make sure that you will check my honest bring the fresh review and google sniper review in review section. There you will recieve all detailed information that will help you to clearly understand these programs and what all it will takes to make actually profit.

Also if you want to download this Clickbank Products List without making any surveys, you can download it here. But if you really find it useful, please consider downloading through my surveys, thank you. Also leave comment if you have any comments about this list or if download link doesn’t work.

Biggest PPC Networks List

In my opinion choosing the right PPC network will determine if you will be successful with your campaigns or not, but how you can choose the right one if you know only 1 or 2 PPC networks ? Well I prepared huge or maybe biggest PPC networks list that you will find on the internet.

I will list here all PPC networks for english based countries and english language, if you will have any PPC network that is not listed here, make sure that you will contact me or that you will add missed network into comments area.

PPC Networks from the biggest to the smallest ..

  • Google Adwords [link]

    Google Adwords is biggest PPC network avaible on the internet, it supports almost every language and country and it has very huge database of publishers. In other words PPC network with best converting traffic but also it’s very expensive compare to another networks.

  • MSN Adcenter [link]

    Another alternative of Google Adwords, it has also very powerful database of publishers but compare to Google AdSense & Google Adwords, it’s really small. This traffic also converts very well and it’s cheaper than Adwords.

  • Facebook Advertising [link]

    Honestly Facebook ads are very cheap compare to Google Adwords, but you can easily target larger audience than any other PPC network that is avaible. Also it’s a little bit harder to actually convert facebook traffic, but with average price of each click – it’s really worth it to try this kind of advertising.

  • 7Search [link]

    7Search has better ROI than either Google or Yahoo, it has also cheaper clicks. No minimum bids, but also there you can target smaller audience and also limited countries avaible to target.

  • Clicksor [link]

    Clicksor has really huge history of changing, anyway now at the end of 2013 – Clicksor belongs to one of the top PPC networks avaible. I really recommend you to check it out.

  • AdClickMedia [link]

    With AdClickMedia pay-per-click network, you can advertise on more than 40 000 quality publisher’s websites within minutes, using Photo text ads, Banner ads, Full page Interstitial ads, and Email PPC ads.

  • BidVertiser [link]

    Very cheap and large pay per click network. It is really easy to start receiving new targeted and easy-to-convert traffic that will help to skyrocket your business in no time.

  • Plentyoffish Advertising [link]

    It is really easy to target local consumers based on zip code, age, gender, education, profession etc.. so you will recieve very targeted traffic that will convert for sure.

  • BuySellAds [link]

    With BuySellAds you are able to buy advertising space on other websites in exchange of small fee. It has really powerful and huge network, so you can target almost any audience you want.

Another PPC Networks

Above you will find the most important PPC networks (for me, it is just my opinion), but don’t be sad .. below you will find another PPC networks that will help you to run your online advertising. But as I said, my opinion is that the largest and most important PPC networks are listed above.

Updated Informations ..

I decided to delete some PPC networks, because of bad reputation or networks that are facing some problems that can damage your advertising campaigns, so at the end my “biggest ppc networks list” is not maybe biggest, but I listed only quality advertising networks that will help you to run your business.

If you want to list any PPC network that is not already listed here, feel free to contact me anytime and I will add it. Or you can easily leave a comment below and I will add it. Also share your tips and thoughts.

Free Keyword Tracking – Track Your Keywords Without Large Budget

Well if you are looking for free keyword tracking software or service, then you did great job that you found this article where you will find everything how you can use paid service for free. So you will get premium features that you deserve for free, so where we will get started ?

First you need to know how many keywords you want to track, you will need probably 1 proxy per 10 proxies that you want to track (it can be even public proxy server that you will find on google within a few seconds). So make sure that you will prepare all your proxies before we will get started, then you will need Microsite Masters account that you will recieve for free.

Free Keyword Tracking – It is really free ?

So you will need proxies, Microsite Masters account and some time .. again if you don’t have your Microsite Masters account, you can create it for free here. Then when you will create your account, make sure that you will select free account (as you can see on the screenshot below).

how to track keywords like a boss pricing

Also if you need some detailed information about Microsite Masters, how it works, informations about premium packages and my honest opinion, then make sure that you will check my honest Microsite Masters review – Microsite Masters Review. Or you can also leave a comment below this article and I will try to answer all your questions.

Let’s Make It Free & Unlimited

Basically if you register Microsite Masters free account, you can have only 10 keywords at the same time. But of course we have more keywords that we want to track, so what we can do about it ? Yes, now we will be using proxies to create these another Microsite Masters accounts. So make sure that you will create enough Microsite Masters accounts, make sure that you will change your proxy server and delete caches.

This way you will avoid being detected and probably banned. Also make sure that you will switch your browser each time you will create your account or each time you login with different account. I think that there is some firefox or even google chrome extensions for this job, so search for it.

More About Microsite Masters

So when you create your free account, then on your dashboard you have to create new project, then you will be redirect to the new window where you will enter your domain and name of domain. Make sure that you will type your url correctly.

Once you will do this job, you can easily add your keywords and it will automatically start tracking your keywords. It will update your rankings once per day and you can also recieve rankings notification into your email box.

Also be very careful with creating your accounts, don’t forget to delete your cache once you create new account. If you will follow all my steps, you can easily enjoy free keyword tracking service with premium features. But honestly I have upgraded Microsite Masters account (I am paying 50 dollars per month), because it is worth it to have all keywords together with additional features.

Forum List For Seo – Improve Your Rankings With Dofollow Backlinks

Every webmaster knows that traffic is they key to have successful online business and it really doesn’t matter what niche you are in, but you still need customers, leads or in other words – traffic. And if we are talking about traffic, there are two high quality traffic sources that you should target on. Organic traffic and direct traffic from related websites.

If we are talking about backlinks from high valuable sources such as high pagerank forums, you should also know that you will also recieve valuable traffic that you can also monetize as you want on your website.

But instead of spamming thousands of forums with your softwares such as GSA SER or Xrumer, you should register on a few forums and make there successful forum profiles with quality posts that will attract your customers, sales or leads.

My favorite list in “Make Money Online” niche

Ok, if you have website about training dogs then this list will be almost useless for you, well backlinks will still help you but traffic that will recieve will actually not convert at all. But if you are in SEO, online marketing or in make money online niche, then you will love this list.

I also have to say that this list will help you to enhance your online marketing knowledge, because there you will find huge source of valuable materials that will help you to skyrocket your business as never before.

  • Webmaster World [link]

    Well Webmaster World is really useful website for me, because it has really high pagerank (actually 6 at this moment) and also it has very live community that actually are interested in online marketing niche. I recommend you to make high quality posts there, it will help you to not being deleted.

  • Blackhatworld [link]

    Honestly Blackhatworld is my favorite SEO forum, but if you want to use this forum to promote your business then you will face some issues. First – you need to pay for vip membership if you want to promote your business in your signature, but a lot of people are making huge money only thanks to Blackhatworld profile signatures.

    So I recommend you to test also this forum if you are serious about making money online.

  • Warriorforum [link]

    In my opinion warriorforum is the most reliable and maybe also biggest internet marketing forum worlwide. If you want to promote your online business, then this forum is really goldmine. Also don’t forget to make actually high quality posts that will help other members. Also dofollow backlinks from warriorforum will help your business for sure.

  • Digital Point [link]

    With large users database and high pagerank, Digital Point is perfect forum for your business. In my opinion Digital Point is in some ways better than warriorforum, but that is just my opinion. Anyway you can make a lot of money if you will promote your business with high quality posts.

  • Bestblackhatforum [link]

    Another blackhat SEO forum with very friendly fanbase, I personally like this forum because of many SEO tips and shares that you will actually for free. Also this is really great forum if you want to get free high targeted visitors to your website.

You need to know before you will start promoting your business ..

Never, really never spam these high quality forums, because these are high moderated by moderators and your effort will not pay of, anyway if you will make quality work you will recieve your reward very soon.

Also there are so many other forums where you can promote your business, but I tried to mention only the most important forums for me, so if you have suggestion for other visitors, mention your favorite forum in comments below.