Is college a waste of time and money ? A few things to do instead of college

Almost every parents want to have their children in a good school and with great job, so it’s really normal that almost everyone in his/her life heard this life formula that worked long ago in industrial times, but not today.. Or you can easily skip and quickly learn – a few things to do instead of college.

Getting into a good school, looking for a great job, then save money, buy house and start family.

In industrial times this formula or call it plan worked very well. In these times having a job was some kind of certainty, but today at the end of 2013, this formula or plan cannot provide you modern and save lifestyle. So if you want to be in your life employee, then this article will be not probably for you, because I believe that true freedom can be achieved only as entrepreneur or as investor.

So what college will not teach you about ?

A lot of people ask themselves if they will use something that they will learn in school, honestly I never finished high school because of this. So college will not teach you about investing, how to run a successful business, about money in general. But as I said, schools are creating employees that don’t need to know anything about investing or running a business, all what employees need to know is how to finish their work.

It’s sad, but true. I honestly didn’t want to be part of corporate ladder, so I decided to be entrepreneur, because you are owner of your own destiny. So is college a waste of time and money ? Waste of time for sure .. honestly if you want to be entrepreneur in your life, then you can easily within 4 years, that you will spend on college, create successful business and also achieve financial freedom.

So what you can do instead of college ? There a few tips that can help you to decide if is college a waste of time and money or not.

A few things to do instead of college

There are 5 tips that you should focus on, use your time and money that you will save if you will avoid college and invest your time and money into these things.

Learn, learn & learn

There are more important skills to learn that you will propably not learn in school. Explore all books that will help you to achieve financial freedom, meet and watch successful people, start attending seminars or hire a coach. There are a lot of things that you can do to improve your financial future.

Honestly it’s really better than spending 4 years studying things that you will never use. Figure out what you want to do, meet someone that is already successful in business what you want to do and start real education.

Work, work and also learn

Work to learn – for example if you want to own transport company in future, start working as driver to learn more about this industry. Or I recommend you to join any multilevel marketing company, where you will learn all needed skills that you will need to be successful entrepreneur.

You will propably fail in MLM business, but you will learn skills that will pay off at the end. When I was 18 years old I started working in Amway, now I am not anymore in Amway, but I learned a lot of things that helped me to run successful business that helped me to achieve financial freedom.

Start investing money

Everyone knows that attending a college is really expensive and if you want have to spend all your money, 4 years to just work at McDonald, then you can skip college, save 4 years of your life and get job at McDonald. Make some money and then start investing. Learn all that you can while investing and use all money that you save avoiding a college and secure your financial future. You will thank me later.

Start (Online) Business

As I already told you, this article is for (future) entrepreneurs that want to achieve financial freedom and because you are reading this article, I can confirm that you don’t want to be like others.

If you already have any business idea, go with it now instead of college, because it’s really better to use your talent and energy to secure your financial future.

Start Helping Others

If you will start helping others, it will be not only good for your soul but also it will help you to achieve your dreams more easier. How ? If you will do good, good things will happen.

Also you will make really useful connections for your future, you will find new opportunities and also it will open many doors that will also help you to achieve your financial dream.

I also hope that this article helped you to make the right decision for your financial future and after all if you want to finish college, then finish it. But remember there are better ways how to use your talent, time and energy. Also if you have your personal opinion about this article, leave your comment below this article and I will respond as fast as possible.

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