Free Keyword Tracking – Track Your Keywords Without Large Budget

Well if you are looking for free keyword tracking software or service, then you did great job that you found this article where you will find everything how you can use paid service for free. So you will get premium features that you deserve for free, so where we will get started ?

First you need to know how many keywords you want to track, you will need probably 1 proxy per 10 proxies that you want to track (it can be even public proxy server that you will find on google within a few seconds). So make sure that you will prepare all your proxies before we will get started, then you will need Microsite Masters account that you will recieve for free.

Free Keyword Tracking – It is really free ?

So you will need proxies, Microsite Masters account and some time .. again if you don’t have your Microsite Masters account, you can create it for free here. Then when you will create your account, make sure that you will select free account (as you can see on the screenshot below).

how to track keywords like a boss pricing

Also if you need some detailed information about Microsite Masters, how it works, informations about premium packages and my honest opinion, then make sure that you will check my honest Microsite Masters review – Microsite Masters Review. Or you can also leave a comment below this article and I will try to answer all your questions.

Let’s Make It Free & Unlimited

Basically if you register Microsite Masters free account, you can have only 10 keywords at the same time. But of course we have more keywords that we want to track, so what we can do about it ? Yes, now we will be using proxies to create these another Microsite Masters accounts. So make sure that you will create enough Microsite Masters accounts, make sure that you will change your proxy server and delete caches.

This way you will avoid being detected and probably banned. Also make sure that you will switch your browser each time you will create your account or each time you login with different account. I think that there is some firefox or even google chrome extensions for this job, so search for it.

More About Microsite Masters

So when you create your free account, then on your dashboard you have to create new project, then you will be redirect to the new window where you will enter your domain and name of domain. Make sure that you will type your url correctly.

Once you will do this job, you can easily add your keywords and it will automatically start tracking your keywords. It will update your rankings once per day and you can also recieve rankings notification into your email box.

Also be very careful with creating your accounts, don’t forget to delete your cache once you create new account. If you will follow all my steps, you can easily enjoy free keyword tracking service with premium features. But honestly I have upgraded Microsite Masters account (I am paying 50 dollars per month), because it is worth it to have all keywords together with additional features.

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