Well who I am ? Milan Chymcak is 19 years old affiliate marketer, blogger and entrepreneur. I am helping people to become their dreams true through my personal blog and activities on social sites. In other words I am trying to open people eyes and follow their dreams. But let’s look how I started mz online business.

How I started my career … online

Before I started my online business, I tried a lot of MLM (MLM – Multilevel marketing companies) like Amway. There I got a lot of experiencies and motivation to follow my dreams, but it’s not business model for me. At this time I was trying to make some pennies with Google AdSense. I was making about 5 dollars per week, so you can actually imagine how difficult it was for me.

Now when I am writing these lines, it’s one year after. My online projects are making me over $10.000 per month and it is still raising up. But last year wasn’t easy at all. Maybe the hardest that you can actually imagine.

I left high school before graduation, because of business activities and fact that I hate school system (more informations in my blog). By the way I left high school when I didn’t have any income at all. And I am from poor family, so it was huge risk. Plus bobody believed me that I will one day succeed. Fact that I left high school and that I started business made me a lot of enemies.

I invested a lot of money into “rich-quick” products that actually didn’t work, so this is reason why I started creating my honest products reviews right here on this blog. But still it was hard times, because I spent my food money on these products.

But then I finally did it – I made my first money using Google AdSense. I started a lot of local online projects that are generating me money that started my new life.

And this is reason why I started this blog – You don’t have to pass what I did, you can be successful faster that I did.

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